Layers Pellets with Vermx

NEW DELIVERY of LAYERS PELLETS WITH VERMX - IN STOCK NOW Verm-X is a natural formulation for the control of intestinal hygiene,, offering an effective solution that is free from artificial chemicals. The diet has an inclusion level of Verm-X so it can be fed to the hens every day and will give continuous protection. … Continue reading Layers Pellets with Vermx

Hybrids and Chicks – February 2018

Our New Stock of Hybrids will start again and be available from February 2018 RANGERS, BLACKTAILS, COPPER BLACKS, AMBERS, COUCOUS, SUSSEX, BLUES, PIED SUFFOLK, WHITES, COLUMBINES plus more .... including chicks and bantams - watch this space or facebook for more details

Food Delivery

Food Delivery - every 2 weeks Food, bedding and accessories delivery arrives every 1/2 weeks -if you need to stock up with pellets, corn, bedding , feeders, drinkers plus more please come along Opening times 10-12pm most days - please call just to make sure I am in 07747 166408